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Top war apk was released in 2019 as the original version. However, Top War Studios released it for AnThe top war apk is one of the strategy games available for iOS and Android devices. The gameplay of top war will provide many features and other things to the gamers. Though, gamers can use anything from the things they’ll have.

Additionally, all the parts are related to the war that can help fighters fight against the enemies and win the war against them. Moreover, the rewards are exceptional, and players will get tips after any achievement, even though the achievement is not that big. So, if you want to enjoy military-based life, download top war battle game mod apk.

About Top War Apk:

It’s a war game. That’s why gamers will enjoy the never-ending fighting and battles. Also, they will have to build a secret military base on the deep island so that their enemies won’t be able to find them. However, they can plan all the missions against their enemies in this military base. Additionally, gameplay will provide all the weapons anybody can have while in the military. Also, you’ll have to level up your troops to strike fast toward the enemies.

 Being a leader, you’ll decide if you want to keep the real power at the same spot. You will also have to prepare your army by giving them training. To train the military, players will have to choose different modes among all the ways that provide the activity feature they can teach before starting any war.

What’s New?

To bring more fun to the gaming community, developers have added many new features to the gameplay of top war games. So that it can keep the players entertained without making them feel bored. Additionally, you’ll have many new weapons in this modified version.

Though all these weapons will provide different powers to everyone, apart from this, you’ll get all the features unlocked. So, there’s not a single premium feature that exists. Everyone can avail themselves of any part anytime. They’ll get all the controls and access to all these advanced features.


ThThe thing that makes any game special and unique is its features. These are the most critical and specific among the war mod apk latest version features. 

Mod Features:

Unlimited Gems And Money:

Every game offers to shop from where players can, but anything relates to their gameplay. All the games provide this gameplay-related stuff in return for real handsome money. So is the original version. But, top war mod apk unlimited money and top mod apk unlimited gems won’t let you pay for anything.

Gamers can buy anything from the game’s shop. Also, players will get access to unlimited money and gems to buy anything they want, anything they like. The purpose of providing unlimited money and gems is that these two assets won’t get finished no matter how many times players use them. 

Gamers will have unlimited stuff in top war mod apk android devices and top war mod apk ios devices. So, don’t use any of the devices you have from both of these; you can spend gems and money unlimited times.


If the developers provide the incredible game, along with amazing features and modes, but if they don’t provide quality graphics along with these offers, then all the efforts of developers will go in vain. Because graphics are the most important feature of any game, especially military games, so, yeah, gamers will have increased and outclassed graphics in mod apk top war.

Also, they’ll be able to see every little detail of this game. Moreover, the city, the army, and military-based everything will be very realistic. Every tiny thing you’ll witness in this gameplay will leave you amazed. Additionally, the quality of graphics you won’t witness in any other game because this is incredibly amazing and unique. 


The gameplay is fully based on fighting and wars. So, you’ll hear the sound while fighting, and all these sounds will seem so real. Also, it’ll make you feel like you’re at the real fighting spot where you hear the sound from all around. All the sounds are recorded by using the current advanced technology so that gamers can enjoy the fullest through the realistic sound and audio.

Ads Free:

Imagine watching unnecessary ads while fighting against the most powerful opponents. Yes, it doesn’t sound very unpleasant. Also, players don’t show expected interest in the game because of the annoying ads. But top war, apk download if you want to enjoy fighting and wars without watching a single ad. Additionally, the gameplay is fully ads-free, so no one will interrupt your enjoyment while you’ll have fun. Moreover, in the original, watching ads was a basic requirement.

All Premium Features Unlocked:

In the original version, gamers will get various features, and almost each of them they’ll see is locked. Also, gamers will have to spend their hard-earned money to unlock these premium features. So they can enjoy everything that games offer. What if you get all these premium features already unlocked?

All Levels Unlocked:

It is one of the best features of top war among all the features. Players will have various levels in a modified version, and they can choose to play any level to play. Also, the gameplay will offer plenty of levels with different offers and fun. To make this version more exciting, developers made each level different from the others so that gamers could enjoy it more and more. Enjoy all the different levels to entertain yourself to the fullest.

Free To Play:

Something good and worthy always comes with a price. But the fun top wars modified version offering doesn’t come with a price. Gamers can avail themselves of everything, unlimited time, and all the premium unlocked features, along with all the fun you can have free of cost.

Additionally, top war mod apk unlimited everything you can get without paying a single buck. Moreover, this is the most amazing offer you’ll ever have, so don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy it.

Other Features:

Fights With Monsters:

Fighting with humans in any game is quite common, and you can also do that on top of war apk. But also, to get a chance, you can fight with other heroes and monsters. But it’ll take you time to reach that moment, so if you want to fight against the monsters you can exchange diamonds to purchase a tool to move forward vastly. Additionally, you’ll have alliances to fight on a solid base.

Building Fortresses:

Win or lose depends on the strategies you planned. If you plan quality and amazing strategies, you’ll be able to knock down your enemies easily, but if you don’t make good strategies, you’ll surely lose to them. You’ll have to destroy your enemies’ territories to occupy their lands if you want to build a powerful army, so you must build more barracks. Moreover, building a fortress and barracks will go in your favor and help you turn your army into the most powerful army.

Remote Territory:

You’re going to build a remote territory to plan attacks and strategies against the opponents. You’ll build this territory under the base so that your enemies won’t find your territory to attack. Additionally, you’ll have to perform a long march along with your army for the world war. Moreover, you can loot your opponent’s army to collect more. The more you collect, the more you’ll have to use in fighting against the opponents.

Powerful Ministries:

Being the main character, you’ll build so much according to your will in the game. You’re not just going to own an army, but also you’ll have powerful ministries to control. Also, you’ll be the only one who will control everything and command your army, and they’ll obey your orders.


The gameplay is full of adventure where you’ll build secret territory to plan attacks and strategies of knocking down your enemies. Also, you’ll have lots of equipment to dig deep to build territory underground, and you can go deeper to find monsters as well. Additionally, gameplay will provide several modes to play and enjoy.

Top war mod apk platinmods will serve in a very different way. You’ll have complete access to all the modes in the gameplay, and you can choose any model according to your mood. Also, players will have a lot of other things to find in the game—additionally, top war apk download provides them with never-ending fun. So feel free to play this outstanding game.

Download Guide:

  1. Download Button is available at the bottom of this article; you can download it through that button. 
  2. After downloading is complete, go to the folder where the downloaded file is available.
  3. And then install the game Apk file from there.
  4. Your game file won’t take much time for installation. 
  5. Just make sure that you’ll have a good internet connection.


You don’t have to watch a single ad while playing the top wars version.

You will have to go very far and deep to find monsters. Once you find them, I see the ground. Then you can fight with them.

You’ll have to build an underground territory to hide from the opponents.

You won’t go through any issues while playing because it’s the safest and most amazing gameplay.


You can change your mood by playing top war apk as the gameplay offers to fight with humans to monsters. Meanwhile, you’ll always have one to fight in other games. But in this gameplay, you’ll give both options to fight with humans to monsters.

Additionally, modes make this gameplay more exciting, and features made by the current technology are another positive point of this game. This game is worth giving it a try at least once. So don’t go for another version because you’ll get everything you wished for in this version.

What's new

Patch Notes
[Optimization] When a Heavy Trooper is seriously damaged or on a march, the Heavy Trooper chip cannot be replaced.



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